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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009


- customized order -

constructed using non-tarnish silver Artistic Wire
and labradorite stone nuggets. This mystical looking
piece comes with a black cord.

Price: MYR 75

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dancing Butterflies - Pebbles



the story behind this cute bracelet,

constructed using PINK color coated 
copper Artistic Wire, turquoise beads n 
butterfly metal beads.

Price: MYR 25


click on image to go to PEBBLES FOR KIDS

Constructed using FIMO beads, crystals 
and PINK color coated copper Artistic Wire, 
this sooo pretty bracelet is easy to put on.

price : MYR 30

RETRO BLUE - Sugar n Spice - SOLD

Starting the Sugar n Spice series using my
FAVORITE stone n color isTurquoise and
natural copper Artistic Wire. I chose bigger
stones for mommy for that chic chunky look,

....for daughty....smaller turquoise beads,

Price RETRO BLUE Sugar [daughty] : MYR 33

Price RETRO BLUE Spice [mommy] : MYR 48

[note: price is not inclusive of shipping]

Friday, June 26, 2009

sneak preview

Something for the kids!...and moms

hi!, i am so excited to introduce you a new set of
collection that is just for kids!...and mommies!

this series is created for the kids who just
loves dressing up and wants to look just like mommy :)

fun and sparkly with motives and colors that
little girls love, like butterflies and hearts and flowers.

My daughters sometimes wants to wear what
mommy is wearing but the sizes are always a problem.
so with this new series, mommy and daughter can
wear the same jewelry but different sizes. I always
encouraged individuality with my kids but when we wear
one item that looks the same, makes them feel more loved,
a sense of belonging as part of the family, bonding, connecting ,one team.

So mommies and their daughters, stay tune for new designs!

till then....have a wonderful weekend.... tata :)


Twillight Bracelet - SOLD

this is an exquisite piece. An exquisite piece for an exquisite person.
Constructed using non-tarnish silver Artistic Wire, fresh water pearls,
crystals, labradorite stones and metal spacer beads.

Do you know that there are beliefs that stones actually choose who
they want to be rather than you choose which stones you like?
Sometimes our bodies needed some healing and we are attracted to
stones that will help with that healing. Perhaps its just a myth but i
noticed that there are times when i needed some comfort and love,
rose quartz jewelry will be the stones that i picked to wear :)

Twillight Earrings

constructed using labradorite stones, glass crystals and non-tarnish silver Artistic Wire.

Price: MYR 48

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kupu-Kupu - SOLD

KUPU-KUPU means either moth or butterfly. some say its moth, some say its butterfly.
Anyway, dis is definitely one of my quirky works. i have been working on this brooch for ages. when i started on this project, the idea just floats in my mind but i somehow could not capture and grasp it tightly. My daughter has been picking it up over the weeks and keep on asking me, "when are you going to finish this? its so nice and its not yet finished!" [its so easy to please a 9 yo :) and obviously she is just as quirky minded as me! ]

i saw the stones during one of my outings and i have always liked labradorite. The color fascinates me just like the moonstone. At one glance its just another stone, but when you looked at a different angle, only then you can see the charm.

constructed using non-tarnish silver Artistic Wire, this simple brooch comprises of 5 beautiful labradorite stones. Sounds simple enough but i assure you the makings of this wirework brooch is not.

price: MYR 105

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i am so happy that someone today just received her order and love it!...i am happy when someone else is happy with her order and i wish her all the best and "LUCK" always.

take care sweetie :)


Monday, June 22, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom - sold

the story of this absolutely divine bracelet. I was watching "easy virtue" a film starring jessica biel and colin firth [one of my favourite actors]. its set in the late 20's to 30's era and everything vintage. Vintage, always inspires me.

i just love the colors of this bracelet because its very classy and with a tinge of coppery rose. constructed using memory wire style, which i love for its practicality, i used fresh water pearls which i painstakingly select for almost an hour just to find one strand with the best color and luster, combine with czech fire polish glass beads and crystals. To add more drama i added antique brass color metal spacers and finishing it off with a charm :)

price : MYR 165

[note: price is not inclusive of shipping and handling]

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Laksana Bulan - SOLD

LAKSANA BULAN a malay saying means, LIKE THE MOON. Constructed using non-tarnish brass, rose quartz, czech fire polish glass beads, glass crystals and metal spacer beads.

Price: MYR 65

[note: price not inclusive of shipping and handling]

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ungu Violet - SOLD

Constructed using non-tarnish brass artistic wire, purple jasper and swarovski crystals. A very simple bracelet with great impact on color. Diameter about 2.3 inches or 5.5 cm

Price: MYR 55

[Note: prices are not inclusive of shipping and handling]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


this morning i woke up very early and energetic! though i have some few outstanding projects, i only have eyes for everything that looks pure. Perhaps my spirit's own way of pushing away negative energy. So i was twisting away this morning with pearls and crystals and silver wires. Calming, serene, elegant, classy colors. At first i wanted to call this SYURGA....but decided on NUR....meaning LIGHT

Price: MYR 55

[note: price is not inclusive of shipping and handling]

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This one is meant for the "la donna" ( the lady), who sent a bag full of bead goodies to challenge my thinking cap. The fiery orangey red corals are so vibrant that it just erupts passionate energy. This is the first of more to come from the La Dona Collection.

Named after the lady, Ms Dona, i hope she will like the simple idea as not to spoil the flow of the strong color and yet tones it down just a tad bit. i added some swarovski crystals and czech glass beads. memory wire style, for its practicality.

- more info on

Coral - Red Coral -

A "Woman's Stone". Red Coral quiets the emotions and dispels feelings of despair and despondancy. It encourages a passionate energy, and stimulates and strengthens female reproductive organs through tissue regeneration. This stone relates well to the Spleen meridian for blood circulation, and to purification of the kidneys and bladder. Red Coral is considered to be "The Blood of Mother Earth" by Native Americans and is considered particularly precious by Tibetan women for menstration and fertility.

taken from : http://www.astrologyzine.com/

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reviewed! by - detailed wears



*newly added to the roll*
Whimsical n quirky

Lots of handmades here and really pretty too!
Left ; Hand twisted wire bracelet.With stones and little blue beads.Definitely unique :)
Right ; With a double layer and made of crystal beads!I love the clear colours she uses for this piece!
Only at Whimsical n Quirky
RM 45 RM 35

THANK YOU to detailedwears.blogspot.com for the great review :)



Friday, June 12, 2009

From Terengganu With Love - SOLD

Terengganu is located on the east coast of Malaysia. A beautiful state rich in culture and local crafts. Trengganu is also famous for BATIK and SONGKET.

I was there recently for a short trip and was inspired by the calm waters of the sea and the wooden houses along the coast.

this bracelet combines beautiful turquoise color , the elegance of topaz czech firepolish glass beads and sparkling crystals. The beads were woven thru each other using non-tarnish brass artistic wire.

[Pls note: the correct spelling for Trengganu is Terengganu. I apologise for the mistake :) ]

Price : MYR 60

[note: price is excluding shipping and handling]

Thursday, June 11, 2009

- BACK -

hi everyone! :)

i am back from my trip and ready to roll. I have been busy past few days since i returned setting up a new site to make shopping an easier experience for international orders. 

during my trip i made an interesting turquoise color mix bracelet and will post it soon. 

stay tuned..... have a great day and tata! :)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

= away =

just to inform that i will be away from 6th june to 10th june 2009. i will be back and running again on the 11th of june. stay tune and check out new items coming soon.

and....oh ya also, i have VERY limited crazy ruby lace agate in hand, just enough to produce 3 more sets of bracelets and earrings. My bead supplier informed me that i practically bought all her crazy ruby lace agate and no one else has them in stock other than yours truly :)

so if you are interested in these GORGEOUS puff coins, get in touch with me ASAP!

take care n....tata :)


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ku Lihat Hijau - RESERVED

The phrase "Ku Lihat Hijau" in malay language literally translated in english means, "I see green".

This is a mix of beryl white & yellow stone [white-ish stone], tourmaline green and mint green swarovski crystal,green azurite,green glass bead and metal spacer beads. Wired together using memory wire for the bracelet and non-tarnish silver artistic wire for the charm and earrings.

Bracelet Price : MYR 60

Earrings Price : MYR 28

[note: prices are not inclusive of shipping and handling]